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You have seen the benefits of human bubble suit in packaging and how it protects the stuff inside it. Now the same wrap is all set to protect your body from, well, not gunshots or drop from 20 feet high, but surely from the rain. And a bubble wrap suit looks really fun and you can simply play around with it. During rains, chances of slipping are more when you walk on a nice or slippery surface. So this suit can prevent you from those little slips and trips as it minimizes the injury caused to you.

  • Cushioning Material costume
  • Hood included
  • Hours of fun with this novel idea
  • Be the talk of the fancy dress party



How much is shipping ?


Free shipping to U.S and Canada , sometimes i included this in quoted price and i will let you know if it is.


How long does it take to ship a suit ?


It can take anywhere for 2 weeks to 3 weeks for a suit to be ready to ship.


What types of payment do you take ?


Paypal online or bank transfer.




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