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Full Body Bubble Wrap Suit-Short-dress


Full body bubble wrap suit can be a popular costume for a costume party, just imagine how many people will want to hug you so that they can pop a bunch of bubbles at the same time? It will be a successful suit for those who have social anxiety as they can pop bubbles and enjoy this tension releasing activity while they nervously interact with strangers and co-workers. Or wear it to a mosh pit to ensure that you won’t suffer from minor bruises from banging up against others.

A bubble wrap suit is relatively cheap to make. If you have a friend who has some bubble wrap then you can buy it by the yard and this will prove to be very affordable. However, if you don’t know anyone who has some left over bubble wrap that they can donate or sell to you then you’ll have to go down to the packaging store, you might find it sold at some post offices, to purchase some. A roll is quite bulky and while it is light, it will be too big to fit on public transport, unless you buy an extra ticket.

  • Cushioning Material costume
  • Hood included
  • Hours of fun with this novel idea
  • Be the talk of the fancy dress party


How much is shipping ?


Free shipping to U.S and Canada , sometimes i included this in quoted price and i will let you know if it is.


How long does it take to ship a suit ?


It can take anywhere for 2 weeks to 3 weeks for a suit to be ready to ship.


What types of payment do you take ?


Paypal online or bank transfer.





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